In 1992 due to the success of professional legal services to international and national companies born the projetc of Corpusiure International Associate Firms, which initially was established some law firms with national partners; Subsequently such development has been in the legal business that from 2000 to date, is associated with Juris Consultant & Taxes, SC, providing comprehensive legal advice on international and national levels, with professionals graduates from most prestigious universities and experienced in the care and follow-up on Labor , Social Security Systems (Retirement Savings), Corporate Tax and Foreign Trade, Civil (Civil Litigation, Family and Commercial), Intellectual Property, Banking, Securities and Administrative Issues.

Nowadays our firm is recognized throughout the country and has presence worldwide, as it has associated offices internationally, which work together to provide a service that is distinguished by professional ethics, loyalty, reliability, efficiency and discipline of all lawyers within it.

For us, today and always, the most important thing is to provide the best service to our customers inspired by values and principles of law, giving the best solution to conflicts and making the law prevail.

Our services


Our firm specializes in labor issues, both in individual labor relations and collective labor relations.

Collective Relations

Our firm provides services in all matters relating to collective labor relations, as it is,...

Social Security

In Social Security, we povide legal advice predominantly caring, resolving queries and issuing legal...


In CORPUSIURE, International Associated Firms, we have lawyers specialized in the area...


The professional services we offer in, tax, accounting and litigation, are directed to the knowledge...

Civil, Commercial & Family

The civil and commercial matters have been very important aspects of our firm, because...

Intellectual Property

In our firm we have specialists in Industrial Property and Copyright, serving customers...

Banking and Market

In this area the Firm carries out analysis, negotiation and renegotiation of credits...


In the area of ​​administrative law our firm provides advice to companies engaged in commissary...

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Additional Benefits

Regular edition of the legal newsletter with relevant news in the legal field and the official gazette of the federation.

Administrative arm of the group, serves all matters of payroll administration, recruitment, selection and training of personnel.

We support the working poor in terms of:

  • Feeding
  • Dress
  • Job training
  • Medical care
  • Dwelling
  • Funeral services


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